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Profile of Peter Kirkwood

Peter is a recognised specialist in Human Resource and Payroll system arena with over 25 year’s experience across the implementation of systems and all other related aspects. Practical and knowledgeable based advice to individuals and organisations on any of their HR and Payroll system related needs including:

  • Leadership, help and facilitation to organisations and people through the change of systems, structures and processes.
  • Extensive HR & Payroll systems, process and business analysis including integration components, controls, documentation, testing, functional and system audits through to mentoring.
  • Practical experience of system lifecycles and various IT project methodologies including – Risk assessments, Requirements > Evaluation > Implementation > Post Implementation.
  • Work experience across an array of systems and varying business models.
  • Risk and control work including functional and system audits.
  • Bridging the gap between the technical and business processes and knowledge including reporting and compliance.

Peter Kirkwood

Senior Project Manager
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