Simple tips to boost workplace productivity

Something project managers struggle with is maintaining the productivity levels of their teams. The video above shows some interesting tips for boosting productivity, and here’s the science behind why these productivity tips are proven to work:

1. Did you know that you’ll be focused for 15% longer if you’re situated near a window?
A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that people exposed to natural light experience an increase in energy, creativity, and productivity. People working in natural light keep at it 15% longer than the average worker under artificial light. Everyone needs a window seat!

2. Indoor plants improve creativity and health
According to a 2013 study, indoor plants improve creativity by 45%, also sharpening focus and concentration. Even better: they reduce fatigue, coughs, and sore throats by more than 30%, according to the University of Agriculture in Norway.

3. Looking at photos of nature sharpens focus by 20%
A study at the University of Michigan showed that looking at photos of nature, improves memory and attention scores by about 20% — that’s not the case when viewing urban photos.

4. Eliminating browser tabs cuts down on distraction
Can’t stay on task with (2) new notifications staring at you from your email tab? Use a browser add-on or extension that forces you to focus on one tab at a time, such as TabZolo. You’ll eliminate the temptation to check those distracting notifications.

5. Going for walks can lessen fatigue
According to research from the University of Edinburgh, going for walks when you’re tired — especially in places where there are lots of plants — can decrease brain fatigue, frustration, and give you a boost of much-needed energy.

6. Listening to ambient music or white noise increases focus by 35%
You already know that putting on headphones blocks out extra office noise. But when you make your music choices, remember that listening to ambient music or white/pink noise at low levels has been shown to improve your focus by 35%.